Water pollution levels turning deadly in

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Wonky Water weirdness and quackery

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Dioxins & Furans: The Most Toxic Chemicals Known to Science

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It's generally presented as the result of an electrolysis process which separates ordinary water (H20) into two separate entities. Jul 03,  · Water in the nation’s capitol also contains dangerous levels of lead, which dramatically increases the fetal death rate and causes other health issues.

This situation could become even worse if Congress weakens or eliminates provisions in the Clean Water redoakpta.coms: 9. (NaturalNews) Fluoride-pushing doctors and dentists who try to contaminate your water supply with fluoride are promoting their deadly agenda with a clever lie a lie you will see obediently repeated in every fluoride push.

Air pollution in Africa causes more premature deaths than unsafe water or childhood malnutrition, The Guardian reports on a study. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development study, particle pollution in Africa increased by 36 percent between and October 14,the 30 th annual awards ceremony of the W.

Eugene Smith Memorial Fund took place at the Asia Society in New York City. Lu Guang (卢广) from People’s Republic of China won the $30, W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography for his documentary project “Pollution in China.”.

Water pollution levels turning deadly in
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Water and Air Pollution - HISTORY