The perils of social reading summary

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Privacy law expert warns of the perils of social reading

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The Perils Of Social Reading Summary

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The Perils Of Social Reading Summary

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The Perils Of Social Reading Summary Essay Sample

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Milgram's The Perils of Obedience Essay Words | 6 Pages. Milgram's The Perils of Obedience Obedience is the requirement of all mutual living and is the basic element of the structure of social life. Conservative philosophers argue that society is threatened by disobedience, while humanists stress the priority of the individuals' conscience.

The Internet and social media have opened up new vistas for people to share preferences in films, books and music. Services such as Spotify and the Washington Post Social Reader already integrate reading and listening into social networks, providing what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg calls “frictionless sharing.” “But there’s a problem.

The Perils Of Social Reading Summary Essay Sample.

Choose Privacy Week 2012: The Perils of Social Reading

The author of The Perils of Social Reading, Neil Richards, writes about the issues of updating an old privacy act that could interfere with the way we view the world through our reading and watching movies.

Our law currently treats records of our reading habits under two contradictory rules: rules mandating confidentiality and rules permitting disclosure. Recently, the rise of the social Internet has created more of these records and more pressures on when and how they should be shared.

The perils of social reading summary
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The Perils Of Social Reading Summary