The issue of girls education lost due to interruptions in creating room to read

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Interruptions and Distractions in Healthcare: Review and Reappraisal

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Thavri has never been to school and can’t read or write. Yet, she strongly believes that education is important for all children, and that girls must study (till Class 12 at the least) – a thinking that not many from her generation or geography share.

PTSD affects boys’ and girls’ brains differently, Stanford study finds. For many years, scientists have known that adolescent girls are about twice as likely as boys to develop post-traumatic stress disorder after being exposed to a psychologically traumatic event.

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HIGRADE Highest level of education for reported adults (three categories) A1_GRADE A2_GRADE.

Partner Case Studies

Though a lot of research have been concerned with school dropout issue for both girls and boys, dropout pattern significantly differs by the gender of the students.

This paper clarifies the factors compared to girls. Holmes () also found that girls overall attain less education and tend to drop out earlier as compared to boys.

The issue of girls education lost due to interruptions in creating room to read
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